Following a highly successful UK workshop, the retelling of the classical Ballet of Coppelia will be KVN Dance Company’s initial production. A full re-mix of Delibes original classical score is used to explore the story, delving deeper into the background of all the characters and why Dr. Coppelius was so intent on creating a life sized clockwork doll for himself. 


The original production of Coppelia focuses mostly on the relationship between Swanhilder and her betrothed, Franz and how the doll of Coppelia comes between them. This aspect is explored but we also focus on how the doll effects all the relationships amongst the villagers and how Dr. Coppelius is ostracised by the community. Through the story we see how the villagers’ perception changes and how he finally overcomes the prejudice and gossip that surrounds him and he eventually becomes accepted.


The existing story of the ballet will be expanded and developed as well as the classical score - reinventing and re-interpreting the original inspirations that brought the music and dance together. 


The performance space will give the the overall feel of the audience being ensconced inside the head of a crazy, creative inventor’s workshop. 


A living, breathing room of curiosities.  


This will be a true reworking of the traditional ballet on all levels. Bringing the story to life in an exhilarating and exciting way for the audience of today.  


Composer/Musical arrangement


Rickard Berg is a Swedish composer, re-mixer, writer and producer.  Artists that he has collaborated with include Mica Paris, Mick Jagger & Gavin Rossdale.


Rickard's score is constructed around the original Delibes classical version – but with added samples, effects and new orchestrations so that the whole score has a new edge to it to create a modern broader atmosphere. The existing version is very light in tone whilst this version is more dark and un-nerving.


Wardrobe & styling


New Zealand-born Wendy Olver is a multi-talented designer, costumier and stylist. Her clients range from Tiffany & Co, Diesel, Harvey Nichols, Disney, Mulberry, Agent Provocateur and to individuals including Elton John & Bob Geldof.

Her work has featured in everything from music videos and fashion shoots to window displays and advertising.

The style of Coppelia will be slightly fantasy / steam punk / fairy tale with Victorian influences  -  not set in any given time frame or period.

The innovative approach of this production fuses together a range of dance styles from classical to street, with the music imaginatively re-worked to compliment this. The objective is to challenge existing stereotypes of particular dance genres, creating a piece that is accessible and inspiring to all.


The bringing together of different dance styles will broaden the reach and scope of the piece.  Engaging audiences and challenging perceptions and stereotypes of the various styles presented. Such an approach aims to engage those who may enjoy traditional classical/contemporary dance, whilst introducing them to new urban techniques, and vice versa.  In addition, the project aims to expand the cultural capital of the public and break down some of the well-known barriers to engaging diverse audiences in various dance genres. 



The initial performances will be in London with the ambition to tour the production around the globe in the future.